Helping Good People become Better Leaders

Leadership development programs for leaders unwilling to compromise their character


Honesty, integrity, and developing others are at the core of our leadership development programs. We help leaders leverage these character-istics to become better leaders.


Character is not developed from a presentation slide or a leacture. We help leaders demonstrate their character in rigorous simulations and experiential learning activities.


Leaders strengthen and improve their character when they see the measured impact of their decisions. We leverage data analytics to help leaders learn more quickly from their successes and their setbacks.

“I avoided being a manager because the company’s leadership culture didn’t align with my values. Then I realized the only way to help change the leadership culture was to become a manager.”

-Senior Manager at global aerospace company

More than any other profession, effective leadership relies more on personal attributes than on knowledge and skills. New and aspiring leaders often fear entering or staying in management because their ideals might be challenged by the organization’s bottom line and expectations of leaders. A good leader shouldn’t have to compromise who they are in order to help their team, and the organization, be successful. Sadly, most companies don’t provide leadership development opportunities that help leaders leverage values as a recipe for success.

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It’s time to try Simthing New

Simthing New is a leadership development company with programs for seasoned and aspiring managers. Our unique development approach helps leaders fortify their character, strengthen their manager capabilities, and expand their leadership capacity. With decades of experience in training and development, we leverage simulation-based learning and data visualizations to help participants practice leadership in complex and rigorous environments.

Our leadership programs help leaders develop the following:

Every team or organization stands for something. Whether that cause is just or meaningless depends a great deal on the leader. Good leaders make a just cause clear to everyone and put it at the heart of everything the team does.


Big problems rarely have a single, elegant solution. Rather, when good leaders see a complex issue, they look at the bigger system, recognize the important variables, and seek to balance the system in a new way.


Resilience comes from an honest recognition of a leader’s strengths and weaknesses…and what they are for. Living without fear of what others will think opens up creativity, innovation, and the ability to pivot in the moment.


Burnout occurs when leaders feel they have to do everything. Good leaders do more than delegate tasks or empower their teams…they cede authority, allowing their team to adapt, innovate and solve problems faster than an individual can do on their own.

Leadership Development that Matters

Our curriculum immerses leaders in simulations and metrics, providing both context and greater awareness of their performance and impact. Check out the courses below and request a course today.

Leading with Character

People follow strength and conviction. This course helps aspiring and existing leaders practice leading with the strength of their character in realistic case studies and simulations.

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Technical Leadership

While good leadership is the same everywhere, leading in a technical field can create additional challenges. Our Technical Leadership course helps technical managers and sr. managers balance leading people, managing work, and making technical decision.

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Team Leadership

High performing teams don’t have managers who make all the decisions. Instead, the team owns its work, structure, and future direction. This course helps teams make the transition from leader-led to team-led.

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