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At Simthing New, we believe every employee deserves a leader who is a person of character and substance, who genuinely cares about them and is engaged in their development. 

To achieve this vision, we manufacture learning experiences that provoke leaders to become better people…because good people become better leaders.  

Established in 2017, the designers at Simthing New have years of experience designing and deliverying training for government, military, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and manufacturing clients. They hold to a simple truth: Don’t just simulate the environment and system leaders work in. Instead, simulate the mental model leaders and learners need to walk away with and let everything else follow. 

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Simthing New
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About us

When you say ‘simulation’, what do you mean?

There are many different kinds of simulations: online games, 3D environments, role plays, software demos, etc. For leadership development, Simthing New has found the highest success with live, computer-assisted simulations. These activities typically involve small teams of participants solving a complex problem and using technology to gather information, register decisions and track progress. This environment allows for realistic conversation and more authentic behavior. Leaders show who they are and can receive valuable feedback from their team members.

How do you design simulations that teach?


Dr. Hadley has spent over two decades designing learning experinces across different industries and developing leaders (young and old) in corporate and non-profit organizations. With over 12 years at The Boeing Company, he served as a Sr. Manager overseeing manager development for 13,000 leaders.

Jim’s insights about personal development began at a young age. During the start of a Boy Scout winter campout, Jim looked out over the snowy mountainscape and realized they would have a long night of hiking through snow, digging trenches to sleep in, and battling with the cold weather. He turned to his scout master and asked, “Sir, why are we doing this?” The scout master thought a moment and said, “Because it builds character.” Jim pondered that statement, eventually recognizing that sometimes people do really hard things for the sole purpose of becoming better people.

This philosophy has become the cornerstone to Simthing New’s leadership development strategy. Character can only be tested by doing hard things, and character can only be improved by working through those hard things consistently.

Jim lives in Kaysville, Utah, USA with his wife and four kids. He enjoys the outdoors, reading, and singing.



Jessica has extensive experience leading individuals and teams. Her human approach to learning and development helps people recognize and leverage their own gifts.

Jessica Johnson, Executive Vice President

Our Team

Meet members of the Simthing New staff. Our staff have years of experience in leadership development, along with diverse backgrounds in various industries.

Heather Borman

Facilitator / Workshop Leader

Heather is an experienced facilitator with an engaging and authentic style, easily connecting with participants and clients to create optimal conditions for learning and development.